September 22, 2009

New pricing as of September 22nd, 2009

In order to maintain profitability as well as keep production of the Gold Cradle in the US, which has been our intent, we are making a required price adjustment from $439.00 plus shipping to $459.00 plus shipping when purchased with a certified Cashiers Check or Money Order.

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November 09, 2006

The Gold Cradle has been spotted once again on the Outdoor Channel's Gold Fever show! This time it was used by both Tom Massie and his wife Cindy. They are in the AZ desert working near the "King Tut" mine in "Recirculating Mode". They do real well and even find some beautiful Quartz encrusted specimens in the classifier. If you missed the show, you can order show #112 through the GPAA web page. The first time Tom used the Gold Cradle on the Outdoor Channel he was also in the desert in Recirculating Mode and that video, show #70, can also be found on the GPAA web page.


March 17, 2004

The GPAA Gold show, March 13th and 14th, in Salem, OR was a huge success. We were amazed with the incredible turnout. Saturday morning there was estimated to be over 500 people waiting outside before the doors even opened. Sunday was slower, but still very active. Some serious gold prospectors here in the NW. :) If you purchased a Gold Cradle, therefore joined our family, please keep in touch.


March 10, 2004

Well, we kicked off the 2004 gold show season in Monroe, WA. It was our second time in Monroe. What a great organization to work with. If you were one of the many who visited the Gold Cradle booth, we sincerely appreciated all the interest shown and positive feedback. If you purchased a Gold Cradle, therefore joined our family, please keep in touch.


January 1, 2004

Gold Cradle has a new 30 second commercial coming out on the "Outdoor Channel" during both the "Gold Fever", and "Prospecting America" programs. The commercial is scheduled to air eight times, four on each show over the next two weeks. If you see it, Email us and let us know what you think.


December 1, 2003

Special announcement! The Gold Cradle has two entirely new "classifier inserts " as accessories that are now available with every Gold Cradle.

Insert #1 is a punch plate classifier insert with the same 1/4 inch holes, but with a pattern of half as many.

Insert #2 is a punch plate classifier insert with the same pattern as the original classifier, but with 1/8th inch holes. Both add an entirely new dimension of versatility to the Rocker Box classification process.

We are also making available a second, heavy duty carrying strap, which enables the Gold Cradle to be carried in a backpack mode. Call for accessories pricing.

Update 03/15/04!

Both classifier inserts along with a second carrying strap are now provided with the Gold Cradle at no extra cost.

Update 03/15/04!


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