Answers to Commonly asked questions:

Q. Can the Gold Cradle be used for recovery of flake gold?

A. Yes, The Gold Cradle does an excellent job with recovery of "nuggets", "pickers", "flake" all the way down to the "fine" face powder gold.

Q. How much material can the classifier handle at one time?

A. The classifier is 8"W X 8"L X 1 7/8"D. Approximately a full 14" pan full.

Q. What is the screen size used in the classifier?

A. The Gold Cradle has both 1/4" and 1/8" punch plate inserts which makes possible four different classifications. Easily adjustable to the material being ran.

Q. What is used for the apron under the classifier to catch flake, fine gold?

A. Backed woven rubber matting.

Q. What is used in the sluice to catch flake, fine gold?

A. Another backed matting, plated extruded steel with rubber ribbed matting underneath for the very fine's.

Q. How many gallons of water will the storage box hold?

A. The reservoir box holds 5-8 Gal.

Q. Is this box watertight?

A. Yes, when you receive it and with proper use. Flush riveted then safety sealed with aluminum caulking.

Q. How do you rock the Gold Cradle?

A. By hand with a brisk side to side motion.

Q. It appears to be anchored to the storage box?

A. Yes, spring loaded assemblies rest atop the reservoir box, which help to keep the rocker head balanced.

Q. How do you clean up the Gold Cradle and how often?

A. If done often enough (to avoid packing up), the top primary matting (where 95 -100% of the gold will be found if run properly) is simply pulled out, flushed into either a bucket or pan and slid back in. This can be done in a matter of seconds after every couple buckets worth of material. The lower secondary matting or end of day clean up requires a few added minutes.

Q. What maintenance is needed?

A. The Gold Cradle is virtually maintenance free. We do recommend however, that after use, both the rocker and reservoir box interior should be towel dried or left with the lid ajar making it possible to air dry. Sustained mineralized moisture in the airtight environment can have negative results cosmetically.

New questions always welcome.