The Rocker Box for the 21st Century!

Compact (Dimensions 23"Lx10.25"Wx12"H)

Why is the Gold Cradle better?

Versatility and Convenience with Results!

The historic "Rocker Box" is back and improved. A lightweight, portable design with a recirculating water system that enables the Gold Cradle to go where few have tread, while at the same time, doing it's part to help protect the outdoors!

No gas, oil, or battery required.

Purposely designed to work without a motor and provided with all the essential tools needed to recover gold.

The early rocker box was probably the gold recovery tool most used by old time prospectors other than the gold pan itself. The washing, crashing action helped seperate the gold from host materials as well as the rocker box from most other tools.

While many modern units have the ability to take "bank run" material to "fines", they use only water force for cleaning. Most of those units use the same water force for both coarse and light material, possibly washing out fines at the bottom end or not washing completely some of the heavy's at the top.

The washing, crashing action that takes place in the Gold Cradle classifier is unique only to the rocker box. In the classifier, water plus the action of heavier/larger material work against each other to break loose the gold from the host material. The working action of the rocker box can be adjusted instantly to the material being processed by changing speed of rocker, feed of water, or changing classifier pattern with one or both of the two inserts provided. Faster for coarse or slower for fines. The action is stopped only when the operator is satisfied the host material has been completely cleaned and ready for instant observation. No chance to lose the larger pieces of gold known as "nuggets".

Upper primary mat clean-up (takes seconds) captures the majority gold. Lower secondary mat and bottom sluice clean-up (takes slightly longer) captures minority gold and can be cleaned less frequently. If used correctly, 90% of the gold can be captured in the easy to clean upper primary matting.

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